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advanced technology

1) FARINHEAT technology is hyper efficient at converting almost 100% of energy into heat.

2) The Well-Being heat produced by our panels warms materials and objects directly rather than the surrounding air, so the heat loss through air is drastically reduced. Properties could save up to 90% from the estimated heat loss expected through poorly insulated homes using a conventional convection heating system.  

3) The comfortable warmth created by Well-Being heat means that users tend to heat their rooms 3°C lower than with a conventional gas central heating system, therefore better quality heat using less energy.

4) The FARINHEAT element will reach your desired temperature extremely quickly and maintain the heat after the thermostat is switched off. Effectively making the panels and their environment storage heaters as well.

5) The System allows users to independently switch-on individual heater units with the new, advanced, Nest control panel or heating app to warm specific rooms or zones.

6) Since the reaction time of units is very quick and the warmth of Well-Being heat is quickly felt, rooms are heated in a shorter period of time than with a conventional heating system to achieve a comfortable temperature.

Compare this to a gas central heating system: If you wanted to warm one room quickly you would normally need to turn on the whole central heating system and all radiators for a longer period of time to achieve a comfortable temperature. This is a very inefficient use of energy and quickly adds to heating bills.

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how do well-being panels save you money?

Designed in the UK by our British engineers, the Well-Being Heating System has now revolutionised the concept of space heating. For the first time an efficient electric alternative to gas-based heating systems is available to the mass market at an affordable price with cheaper running costs.

The Well-Being System saves energy and money on your heating bills through a variety of innovative methods, including:

how much could the well-being system save you?

We’ve worked with our customers to monitor actual energy savings achieved using the FARINHEAT system in comparison to standard electric or gas central heating systems. Provided you maintain the system at the same temperatures and for the same period of time as you previously ran your old heating system, we expect you to see vast savings on your heating energy bills and a more comfortable and stress free environment.

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the Nest Learning thermostat

The new Nest Thermostat learns what you like and creates a schedule for your home. So it helps you save energy and with a larger display and sharper resolution, it’s simply beautiful.

No more programming.
Just turn it up and down. With auto-schedule, Nest learns from you and programs itself.

Control it remotely.
Change the temperature from anywhere using your mobile, tablet or laptop.

Check your energy history.
See how much energy you used and why. The more you know, the more you can save.

Say goodbye to guessing.
True radiant turns the heat on just in time to reach the temperature you want, when you want.

Save while you’re away.
Don’t heat an empty home. Auto-Away adjusts the temperature after you leave.

Manage your hot water.
Nest can even adjust the hot water schedule from your mobile.

Hello, Leaf.
Know you’re saving energy. Look for the Nest leaf when you change the temperature.

renewable energy

The Well-Being system is fully compatible with all types of home electric generation systems (e.g. solar panels) making it possible to reduce running costs even further. The combination of these systems would ensure future sustainability for commercial / domestic heating and the potential of a carbon free existence independent of the fluctuations of gas and oil prices.

For those unable to install their own electricity generation system to their property, a simpler solution for a carbon free future is to simply swap your energy supplier to one that supplies 100% renewable energy. The tariffs are comparable to conventional energy suppliers which use fossil fuels in their energy mix and are sometimes cheaper, but with the knowledge that 100% of the supplied energy is from renewable sources.

Energy bills will continue to rise. Exactly how much they will rise is unpredictable. Reliance on gas as a source of energy for domestic heating will force it to be more expensive.

In the end we will be forced to move away from fossil fuels for either cost or environmental reasons. It is clear that we can generate electricity in an environmentally friendly way for a period of time that spans many millennia not decades. The move to more environmentally friendly electric heating systems is inevitable; the only real question is when.

The Well-Being System brings that choice into 2015 and for the first time a truly first rate innovative heating system is available on the mass market. Making the decision to use it ensures that you are taking the first steps to reducing your energy bill and your burden on the environment too.

Further savings could be made through a combination of retro fitting existing buildings to be more energy efficient, making new buildings ‘zero carbon’, generating our own electricity with solar panels and using the Heat Technology FARINHEAT System to heat our buildings. This could substantially reduce energy bills and our impact on the environment.

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