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Have you ever wanted to ditch your old, ugly radiators and replace them with custom heating panels? How about panels featuring your favourite family photo or artwork? This is achievable through FARINHEAT!

What designs can you have? The possibilities are simply endless. Choose from any colour, photograph or image and we will use it for the finish on your panel. Imagine, a home with no unsightly radiators clung to the wall but instead beautiful, ultra-slim pieces of artwork gracing your room and emitting a radiant heat that keeps you and your family snug though the year.


custom heating panels
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A couple of examples of what is available with our custom heating panels.


But that is not all. Do you want to fit an office with our heating panels? Why not get creative and have your company logo printed on the front of them or perhaps some corporate artwork? Ideal for a waiting rooms & receptions. Sick of your radiator taking up space in the bathroom? Why not combine it and your mirror with one of our mirrored finish panels, for the ultimate in bathroom space saving.


product showcase
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Our logo on a custom heating panel.


If the concept of a world where boxy, old fashioned radiators are a thing of the past wasn’t enough our custom heating panels are also cheaper and more economical then the traditional alternative due to our unique Graphenin* core. Add to that the health benefits, no dust & bacteria circulation, our solar compatibility and zero carbon monoxide emissions and there really is no reason to not get in touch with us.

For more information on our products visit our website or call us on 0800 820 2007 today.

Just some of the many reasons you should call FARINHEAT today.

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