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Welcome to the new FARINHEAT blog. Here we will be sharing updates on our company, far infrared heating systems, approved installers,  and hopefully much more.

We are a British company whose founders have invested years of research into designing an electric central heating system to equal the running costs of a gas system. Using Nano-technologically inspired advances, developed in conjunction with Hong Kong University and considerable experience in manufacturing energy efficient lighting has evolved to make our system the ideal, green source of heat.

Here are just some of the benefits of choosing FARINHEAT:

  • Wafer Thin – Less Than 1 Inch
  • Healthy Direct Heat
  • No Servicing Costs
  • Solar PV Compatible
  • Can be Wall or Ceiling Mounted
  • No Noisy Convection Fans/Pumps
  • Fully Customisable Look
  • Unique FARINHEAT Core/Element
  • Reduced Carbon Footprint

It’s clear the next generation of heating is here.

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